House Rules

We will be following the traditional pathfinder rules found on the Pathfinder_OGC, except for how Magic works. Please see the separate wiki page for how magic functions in this realm. House rules are as follows below.

Adventure Log

Any and everyone is welcome to write an adventure log after each session. If you want a snippet written down to refer to later, I sure can pop that up there. For something detailed, though, that is your responsibility. Those who make frequent use of the the log, and this whole system in general, will likewise find themselves frequently rewarded.


Who doesn’t love the feeling when you see a 20 face-up on your die, or the dread when a 1 shows its face? Yes, in Pathfinder they revoked the auto-success and auto-failure of these extreme numbers in anything but attacks and saves in combat. I will be prepared to add some extra flare for you guys when these numbers crop up. Just yell and dance around like a goof and I’ll reward accordingly.

Character Creation


Random generation. Roll 4d6, remove the lowest number and reroll 1’s. If this yields an unbalanced character, please do reroll. Remember, we are going to be focusing more on creative rollplay than number crunching for some time – having straight 10’s across the board won’t be the worst thing.

If I get the impression you’ve fudged your rolls, though, it might be after all.


Each character will start with 2 traits from the Advanced Player’s Guide (hereafter, APG). More than one trait may be chosen from the same list. Any trait that provides choices (choose a class, skill, weapon, etc.) may be taken more than once. Regional traits may be adapted to anyone, just give a simple explanation why it applies to your character on your character sheet or in your background. Please see the country descriptions if you are searching for an appropriate homeland. Also, feel free to propose one of the racial traits, if you feel you can justify it for natives of your region.

Alternatively, you may forgo your two traits in order to gain one extra feat at character creation.

Favored Class Alternatives

Any character may use any of the favored class alternatives (listed under each base race in the Advanced Player’s Guide or on the Pathfinder SRD ), provided that they still fulfill the class requirement. Generic favored class alternatives, which do not reference a class-specific feature, may be adapted for use by another class with special permission.

Average Hit Point Minimum (not average per die roll)

Upon character creation or anytime you acquire a new level, calculate the average HP for your total HD and bonuses (CON, feats, favored class). If you do not exceed this TOTAL average (not to be confused with just a single die roll), you may take the average total HP instead. (i.e. no one should ever have less than the complete median in HP).


More than one class variant from the APG may be applied if they do not replace any of the same class features (no overlap). Just make sure that you and I have a discussion about this. And remember, the more broken your characters are the more I get to recompense in other ways!

I’m open to adapting some old (3.0/3.5) content to Pathfinder, as well as fresh new ideas, so feel free to contact me with any. Be prepared to help edit, balance, and publish (in a wiki page) any new content we create together.

The Bottom Line!

What I hope you’ve taken away from this is: if it’s fun, and won’t break the game, why not? If I’m disinclined to gift you with your proposal, explain to me in a logical fashion the hows and whys of it (not cry like a ninny), and we’ll probably meet somewhere in the middle.

House Rules

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