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  • The Story So Far

    The world still likes to feel that it is young. I suppose it is, for every day youth blossoms on its face in the new green sapling and the fawn taking its first trembling step. But it has the worn signs of care carved into its skin as well. Monuments to …

  • The Battle of Holy Tree

    The last real stand of the war in the Season of Great Sorcerers. There, the banner-carriers of magic united against [[:the-golden-general]]. Despite their amazing strength in numbers and desperation, they still lost. Now, all free magic left in the world …

  • The Fivefold Benison

    h1. The Gods are Real In this world, the gods are active participants. They cannot directly interfere unless a mortal gives them a channel through which to do so. On holidays, and at sermons, when more hearts are open and minds are bent on the gods, …

  • Magic

    For what little there is, the magic in this world can be broken down into two categories: demonic, and divine. h2. Demonic magic This is the most common sort of magic, and unfortunately the most dangerous. A person, who is inherently of this world …

  • Ranks of nobility

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    roya / royinaking / queen
    royse / royesseprince / princess