Hallowed Ways

Two and a Snake

Umegat sends the group to Majal, searching for a particular Divine of the Bastard. They take the north road between the mountains and the lake, and encounter the dirty Rogar Davadrum along the way. He joins the caravan, and they head into Ibra by way of the closest outpost. The second night on the road, they are attacked by a sickly wolf and slay it with the help of the guards.


After disappearing for about an hour, Leera gathers the party and the caravan leader together a small distane outside of the camp.

It would seem that some kind of parasite had infected the wolf, causing its derangement and deformation. I can’t say that I know what kind of parasite would cause such a twisting of mind and body, though. I can’t even say for certain if it was a parasite, but there are no diseases that can cause this kind of change.It’s like nothing I’ve ever come across. I feel sorry for the poor thing: it must have felt so frightened and in pain….

She lapses into silence for a moment, before snapping back into reality.

Without performing an autopsy, I wouldn’t be able to tell anymore. The guards are against such an action, and who can blame them? It would take too much time and I want to get away from it before whatever caused its condition infects me.

This creature almost seemed to be one of the walking dead I’ve heard about on my travels. For a moment, after it howled, I almost thought it was.

She shivers more from the thought than the cold air.

It was alive, though. Alive, but not itself.

Two and a Snake

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