Hallowed Ways

The Sun of Ibra

Still flustered by wolf’s attack the previous night (and further motivated by some unnerving dreams), the haphazard party tries to move with haste for the trading post. The pace doesn’t last long – the first to drop is Chris, who is gracelessly deposited in the wagon beside the priest. When John and Leera grow weak the caravan is forced to slow their pace.

Rogar, still walking strong, takes his leave of the group at the trading post to find passage back home. The guards urge all to press on after the other three have recovered.

At long last we arrive at the city of Majal. It is bright, loud, and full of life. The architecture is full of sweeping arches and bulbous towers. At the heart of the city is an expansive bazaar, studded with stretches of low walls marking where it had spilled over old boundaries years before. Everything exotic and wonderful can be found here – for a price.

The group heads straight to the high temple, with John imposing himself on an acolyte for a meeting with the archdivine. No audience is imminent, but the priest who shows up offers a lesson in manners, and to take the party to the tower of the daughter – where Leera’s maps may be (and are) sold. The scribe who makes the transaction cautions her about making such detailed, strategic maps for unknown employers in the future.

The archdivine comes available. All three enter, and find the portly priest (“Pudge”) in conversation with the man they will come to know as Finnegan. The priest begins candid discussion about John’s demon before he realizes that it was heretofore a secret. Finn offers to tutor John in the ways of living with his spiritual parasite so as not to become overridden by it.



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