Hallowed Ways

Stand a little closer

(Order of events is questionable here, please correct this if you remember a little more clearly)

John learns a little more of what Lloyd is actually capable of doing – and it isn’t entirely pleasant. After Lloyd tries to force his own agenda on John, the man collapses. Leera stays with him, threatening a quick prick with a coated blade if his feet start wandering without his intent again. John’s condition after waking is questionable, as he may have tried to hit on Chris?

While John is down and out, Chris pursues a few sticky ends in his research, and learns more about The Battle of Holy Tree. It may relate to the army about to advance on Majal.

Wait, what?

When the party reconvenes, they hear from the nurse caring for John that there is an army marching from the north. It moves with incredible speed, the scouts even more so. It seems very large, and the Sun of Ibra is not entirely prepared for warfare. There are mixed feelings about how to proceed. John uses his knowledge in his craft to produce a vision of the northern affairs:

"You begin with the sensation of slowly rising out of of your body, the feeling being akin to you expelling yourself out with each breath. You rise, and you fly to the northwest. Skimming over river and grasslands, you see small groups of three to five moving swiftly through the grass. They area mixed group of foot-soldiers and mounted riders, but all travel with the same speed beyond that which the horses should be capable of.

You blink with your eyes that are not eyes as your vision grows gray and cloudy. You think you are imagining it at first, but as your vision clears you see writhing threads like purple and black lightning thinly strung between the groups. They all center on one individual, from which the threads rope together and pass back towards the army in a thick knot.

Flying onward, you pass over the army. They seem a lot of mixed regions, but all wear the same chimera medallion on their chest. The numbers are vast, and they are a muddy sea of violence on the grasslands. The ropes from each scouting group touches down on one of several leaders before passing back in further congealed masses, leashing them to something further in the distance."

In the end, Leera recommends organizing a forward party to try to capture a scout, and learn what exactly is going on.



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