Hallowed Ways

Slavers in the mist

As the party approached the Ibran/ Cardegossian boarder, they devised plans for acquiring the goods needed to travel into the Jokan provinces. Sadly, these plans were for naught as they found themselves face-to-face with a refugee checkpoint that proclaimed that Cardegoss was temporarily closing its boarders until a stable system was developed for the refugees already in the country. Refugees on the boarder were given temporary living arrangements and protection by the Cardegossian government and protection by it soldiers. While heartwarming, this did little to help the party which proceeded to head north in the hope that they could find a shop with the provisions they needed in Heartland.

After some discussion, the party decided to head via the main roads for expedience. Two days later they came under attack.

The attackers were a group of three men laying among the tall grasses of the northern planes/ desert. Two seemed intent on capturing the party alive while the third took more murderous measures. It became apparent that they were slavers.

After a short skirmish that resulted in Chris, Leera, and John being lightly wounded and leaving one slaver gravely wounded, one dead, and the third fleeing with Leera tracking him, Chris and John questioned the wounded one.

Their lines of question revealed that the northern provinces were looking for slaves, but to what purpose was unknown as the slaver themselves were not in the business of asking questions. However, it was discovered that slaving itself can be a lucrative trade as they generally received 350 gp per working slave.

As it stands now, John and Chris are awaiting Leera’s return and questioning the surviving profiteer.

Slaver Roster:
Slaver # 1: “Jake” tied up & charmed for approximately 17+ minutes.
Slaver # 2: “Sped” on the run with Leera tracking him.
#3: Dead at the hands of a traveling cartographer and a farmer… good luck explaining that in Valhalla.



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