Hallowed Ways

Optics Improved

Vision Enhanced

(A lengthy discussion on the level of technology required for the discovery of concave lenses)

Vision Clouded

In an effort of compromise between prudent retreat from the encroaching armies of horror and a strong desire to overcome the horror by burning away the cloud of mystery surrounding them the party split to the library to sift through the ancient myths for kernels of truth and to the streets to seek safe methods of escaping the city. If the armies of the northern chimera can be understood, they might possibly be faced (by more capable groups, of course) if they cannot, then fleeing is the wisest option. The only truth discovered by all three party members three hours later was that we are all still inexperienced and nothing was found.

Vision Lost

With no new knowledge and the clock ticking (or possibly a more primitive timepiece, depending on the level of technology available in this world) the party revisited the grand plan, and realized there may not be one. For most of his travels John was under the impression that an enlightened one had sent him to be trained for a higher, unknown, purpose. With the imminent besiegement of the city and John’s training incomplete, there is question if there really is a final purpose, or if John was simply a problematic risk sent to be handled quietly. Arguments ensued as the elders stood by passively preparing themselves to maintain the sanctity of the compound and protect the archives in futility before the dark tendrils of Jokan. The party went to sleep with a failing sense of purpose, in the morning they would attempt one last effort of reconnaissance.

Vision Overstimulated

The morning bazaar seemed more active in the face of invasion as prices were hiked and haggling was passionate with passing refugees. John stopped to scout out the bazaar on the way to the gates with Chris and Leera, tapping into the quirks of his demonic contract. Chris silently, almost subconsciously, spun a quick prayer for clarity in discovering the enemy scouts and was overwhelmed with a vision of Loyd sitting, winking!, in John’s solar plexus. The image ended immediately yet Chris was left reeling for several moments. Outside the gates Leera and Chris found no signs of scouts. With worries the scouts may already be in the city, they returned to John to prepare their escape.

Vision Sought

Without a boat, and to avoid the unlikely yet ever-present threat of psychic fish beings and their mind kraken, the party joined a convoy heading west along the coast to the country of Cardegoss. Once danger has been avoided and answers gained, John hopes to head back north into Heartland to find the one who sent him. There may still be a purpose for him yet…



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