Hallowed Ways

Festival of the Daughter

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As all roads lead to Rome, everyone somehow seems to be swept into Castilchas as the Spring Festival gets underway. John and Chris are both exploring the town, moseying along and seeing what there is to see (with ale in hand), while Leera sets up a makeshift shop. She takes to dancing in the square, earning her some small coin and the attention of the other two. John gets bumped into in the crowd, and soon finds himself distracted by a conversation with himself. He comes back to himself to find a strange man watching him. The dance ends, and the three part ways after a few words.

Leera returns to her carpet to find a potential client. He hires her to draw out a detailed map of Heartland, some of Ibra, and whatever she might know about the Jokan Provinces.

Time passes, and all three find themselves in a tavern. No real surprise, as it’s the only one left in this district that has much of anything left. They run into some footpads looking for trouble, and manage to deter them without much indecent. They return, however, with city guards in tow. They accuse John of stealing a ring, which he is surprised to actually find in his pocket! John, with help, manages to befriend the lead guard, and he allows John to pay a small grievance fee and leaves with the upstarts. Before turning in for the night, they happen to see a different set of guards run down a lone rider. As they turn back to the Keep, the group sees that it is a very distraught Royesse – presumably, the same young lady who will be playing the Daughter of Spring in the festival tomorrow.

The festival day arrives, and everyone’s out to watch the parade. The Royesse doesn’t show any sign of her midnight escapade, and is escorted by a haggard Father of Winter to the main temple. It seems that the whole city turns out to offer their gifts to the Daughter and the temple today. The loose party falls in line, taking their places at the end. They see the Royesse deny the gift of a judge, who (almost purple with rage) is led into a side alcove to discuss the matter. The procession of gifts continues. Chris makes a heartfelt offer of his arms and services to the Lady – whether he means to her personally or the Daughter herself, she makes no indication as to the acceptance. John conjures a pretty flower to try to alleviate some of the hidden sorrow behind her mask of dignity. The group finds themselves surrounded by halberd points with extreme efficiency.

They are led out behind the Mother’s alcove to the Bastard’s tower, and find the same man who was watching John there. He explains that he is a sort of petty saint of the Bastard, and that John’s use of magic [read: demon magic] in a holy temple set off some wards. They were known to the honor guard, and the citizens who were left there, and it would be best if they left Castilchas until their faces were forgotten. He has just the solution, and prepares to send the trio on a journey.



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