Hallowed Ways

Facing forward

In short:

Leera danced, juggled, and seemingly caroused the nights away to the tune of 2gp and 55sp. She also thought one of the guards had a chimera emblem, before realizing one of the ruling merchant houses of Ibra has a snake head on its coat of arms.

John and Chris sat down to a game of dominoes, and looked up to find a familiar face! Umegat found himself on the same caravan heading west – while looking for the party. Some time later, the two present find themselves enlightened on the matters of theology, and the plot as it stands in Castilchas. Towards the end of the evening, Leera rejoins the group just in time to hear the idea that John should try to head up north. Umegat tries to call upon his god to instill divine charms on some trinkets Chris had picked up, in order to protect them from renegade demons.



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