Welcome to the world. This story is a low-magic, high-role-play game in the Pathfinder system. That does not mean that there will no be combat, but that number-crunching will take a backseat to creative roleplay.

This will also be my first time leading a “serious” game, so please bear with me while I get it all down.


Sessions will mostly take place over Skype or Google Chat, depending on which behaves better. This Wiki will be used to keep track of descriptions of the world (which shall not operate entirely under normal PF rules – they can be found here on the PFSRD. Please see the exceptions on the House Rules and Magic pages), character sheets, log the adventure, and whatnot.

Next Game

Friday, the 10th of May, at roughly 8pm EST.

Gameplay will occur about biweekly. We will discuss the date of the next game at the end of each session, to gain a consensus.

Hallowed Ways

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